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Blog: Is Your City Water Treatment System Up To Par?

Is Your City Water Treatment System Up To Par?

The quality of our drinking water has been improving over the years, but there are still many places where we need to improve. Learn how to tell if your city water treatment system works well for you...

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Blog: Benefits Of Using A Water Treatment System In Your Home

Benefits Of Using A Water Treatment System In Your Home

A water treatment system in your home is responsible for keeping your drinking water safe and clean. It removes harmful contaminants that could cause illness and helps keep your pipes free of contaminates...

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Blog: Is Soft Water Better For Appliances?

Is Soft Water Better For Appliances?

Coffee makers most likely will have two problems stemming from hard water. The mineral buildup clogs the coffee maker and affects your coffee taste. Use soft water for less maintenance, longer-lasting coffee makers, and better-tasting coffee...

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Blog: How To Choose The Right Type Of Water Softener Salt

How To Choose The Right Type Of Water Softener Salt

Do you use salt in your home? If so, you probably already know that regular table salt contains sodium chloride (NaCl). Water softeners use salt to soften hard water. The most common types of salt used in these systems are calcium chloride (CaCl2) and magnesium sulfate (MgSO4)...

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Blog: Water Treatment Saves Money

Water Treatment Saves Money

Most people get water treatment for taste, better health, and to avoid the negative effects of hard water. But many of the adverse effects of hard water actually cost people more money than they realize. There are numerous ways that soft filtered water can relieve some of your household costs associated with your water....

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Blog: Water pH & Health

Water pH & Health

There has been a trend for lower ph water or more alkaline water in the last decade, but does it affect you and your family's health, or is it just some gimmick pushed by marketing agencies. This blog will dive into the actual benefits and detriments to ph levels in your water and what you can do about it...

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Blog: Why Is Clean Water So Important

Why Is Clean Water So Important

Clean water has incredible benefits for the human body, 70% of the total human body weight is water, and some of the critical organs in the body, such as the brain and heart, are 73% water. Proper hydration with clean water will improve metabolism, brain function, the feel of your skin, and overall health...

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Blog: How Do Water Softeners Work

How Do Water Softeners Work

By now, you probably have had a friend or relative who owns a Water Softener System; if you have not experienced the benefits of using a Water Softener, more than likely, you have already heard of it. Before we get into how it works, let's talk a little about the benefits of a Water Softener...

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Blog: 8 Common Water Problems

8 Common Water Problems

Most residents know when drinking their local municipal treated water that the water either has a foul smell, tastes, or drain clogs on appliances. Unfortunately, while the local municipal water companies are typically adhering to EPA standards for health and safety, they are not required to...

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