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8 Common Water Problems

Is municipal water healthy?

Most residents know when drinking their local municipal treated water that the water either has a foul smell, tastes, or drain clogs on appliances. Unfortunately, while the local municipal water companies are typically adhering to EPA standards for health and safety, they are not required to remove many elements that have damaging effects on your home appliances or many additional benefits, including water taste, smell, and more.

Water Problem #1 - Chlorine

Municipal water treatment plants use chlorine for disinfection. But, unfortunately, they can leave a bad taste and smell to your water along with adverse effects on your skin, hair, appliances, and more.

Water Problems #2 - Sulfur

Most commonly linked to the "rotten egg" smell, sulfur dwells in oxygen-deficient environments like plumbing systems. This is usually occurring in the plumbing after the municipal water plant has treated it.

Water Problem #3 - Fluoride

Another commonly added ingredient by municipal water treatment plants, sometimes found in high levels and is linked to tooth decay.

Water Problem #4 - Corrosive Acidity

Most local water, with some exceptions, have a low pH level, which makes it very acidic. Not only is highly acidic water known to be not optimal for health, but it also causes damage to sinks, faucets, hot water tanks, and supply lines, leading to costly repairs.

Water Problem #5 - Hard Water

A combination of calcium and magnesium scale can hamper your flow rate and clog your drains, creating expensive damages to your home and appliances. It also makes those more common annoyances such as water spots and stains on dishes and showers walls.

Water Problem #6 - Lead

Old pipes primarily cause it in homes built before 1989. As a result, lead in your water can be hazardous to your health.

Water Problem #7 - Nitrates

Most commonly found in well-water due to septic tank leakage and fertilizers. At high levels, they can be life-threatening to newborns.

Water Problem #8 - Radium

Also common in groundwater or well-water, exposure to radium in water has been linked to severe medical issues, such as cancer, congenital disabilities, and more.

Getting your water treated with a Hage Quality Water System can remove all of these problems and improve the life of your appliance, drastically improve taste and smell, better hair and skin, saving money, and many more benefits.

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