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Water PH & Health

There has been a trend for lower ph water or more alkaline water in the last decade, but does it affect you and your family's health, or is it just some gimmick pushed by marketing agencies. This blog will dive into the actual benefits and detriments to ph levels in your water and what you can do about it.

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The PH Scale

pH, which stands for "power of hydrogen," is a method of measuring how acidic/basic a liquid is and the sale from 0, the most acidic, to 14, the most basic, with 7 being neutral. Since our bodies maintain a slightly basic, it gave way to the old hypothesis called the Acid/Ash Hypothesis. Because of this hypothesis, for the last decade or so, many diets and alkaline water products have been pushed as a way to prevent Cancer & Osteoperosis; while this at first glance might seem logical, all re-evaluations of the study have found that to be false which you can find links to many of the research at the link below.

Wikipedia - Acid \ Ash Hypothesis

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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Many people avoid getting a Reverse Osmosis System due to the fact that the pH levels are typically between 5-7, slightly acidic. However, the Reverse Osmosis System eleiminates excess levels of lead, chlorine, fluoride, and many other very harmful toxins/chemicals that are much more harmful than the pH. There are side effects from high blood pressure, brain damage, fertility issues, and more. You can learn more about these contaminants and adverse side effects in the articles below.

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Hague Quality Water Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Hague Quality Water has been a leader in Water Filtration, with top-of-the-line Water Filters and Water Softeners as well as the patented Watermax. The Watermax is fully customizable and designed with precision; it's user-friendly and gets you fresh, softened, and filtered water from every tap in your home, every time. If you are one of the many people who have bought into this fad diet based on disproven theories, don't hesitate and give us a call to make a real difference for you and your family's health today.

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