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Water Treatment Saves Money

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How Water Treatment Saves

Most people get water treatment for taste, better health, and to avoid the negative effects of hard water. But many of the adverse effects of hard water actually cost people more money than they realize. There are numerous ways that soft filtered water can relieve some of your household costs associated with your water.

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Soap & Detergent

When using soft water for washing clothes, dishes, and more, the amount of soap/detergent needed is drastically reduced. Detergents blend better with soft water, and many users find a significate difference in how often they need to buy these products. Soft water is also better for clothes often do not need fabric softener, and clothes last longer and stay brighter too.

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Long Lasting Appliances

In addition to the soaps and detergents, soft water improves the performance of appliances and plumbing. The soft water is shown to make appliances last longer and saves on maintenance and repairs along the way. From the water heater to the washing machine, soft water is better all around for your home, and you don't have to worry about pesky calcium deposits and corrosion you get from hard water.

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Bottled Water

Bottled water is often bought regularly by households without a home water system, and prices can add up quickly. The average household spends $300 or more per year on water bottles; depending on the size of your family could be much more. $300 a year may not sound like much, but over 25 years which is the length of Hague Quality Water's Limited Warranty, you could save as much as $7,500 just in water bottles alone.

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