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Water Filters

Hague Quality Water: Water Filtration & Reverse Osmosis System

V and C Water Solutions has been in business since 1987 providing Indio, CA with Hage Quality Water Filtration Systems and more. We supply high-quality Water Filtration & Reverse Osmosis products to both residential and commercial customers.
Our Water Filters provide these benefits:

  • Water Testing
  • Balance water pH levels
  • Get faster water flow with permeate pump
  • Drinking Water Purification
  • Iron Removal
  • Water Odor Elimination
  • Eliminate Water Contaminates
  • Reverse Osmosis System
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Water Softeners

Hague Quality Water: Water Softener System

We install Filtration Products and Water Softeners in Indio, CA, and the Inland Empire. Eliminating hard water with one of our award-winning Water Softeners by Hague Quality Water ensures efficiency and savings. Hage Quality Water products have been rigorously tested, and they have been manufacturing high-quality water filtration products since 1960.
Our Water Softeners provide these benefits:

  • Remove Calcium
  • Reduce water spots and scale build up
  • Spend less on shampoos, cleaners, and detergents
  • Reduce Chlorine for better tasting water
  • Arsenic Filtration
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Hague Quality Water Factory

Common Water Problems


Hard Water

A combination of calcium and magnesium, scale can hamper your flow rate and clog your drains, creating expensive damages to your home and appliances. Also creates those more common annoyances such as water spots and stains on dishes and shower walls.



Most notable for its distinct “rotten egg” smell.



Primarily caused by old pipes in homes built before 1989. Lead in your water can be extremely dangerous to your health.



Commonly added by municipal water treatment plants, fluoride in high levels has been linked to tooth decay.



Used by municipal water treatment plants for disinfection. They can leave a bad taste and smell to your water along with negative effects on your skin, hair, appliances, and more.



Most commonly found in well water due to septic tank leakage and fertilizers. In high-levels they can be life-threatening to newborns.



Exposure to radium in water has been linked to severe medical issues, such as cancer, birth defects and more.


Corrosive Acidity

Water with a low pH level is also known as acid water. It can cause damage to sinks, faucets, hot water tanks, and drainage and supply lines leading to expensive repairs.


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