The WATERMAX® Water Softener + Filter - Features

  • Built-In Bypass
  • Smart Touch Controller
  • Audible Salt Alerts
  • Built-In Dirt & Sediment Filter
  • Fast & Quiet Regeneration
  • Power-Loss Protection
  • Computerized, fully customizable controls
  • Built-in, self cleaning filter (no filter replacements)
  • Softens & filters in up to 80% less time
  • Uses up to 50% less regenerant
  • Uses up to 80% less water
  • Reduced scale on plumbing
Product Description:

The WATERMAX all in one Water Softener & Water Filter

Say hello to better water. Fully customizable and designed with precision, the WaterMax is user-friendly and gets you fresh, softened and filtered water from every tap in your home, every time.


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